The sweets of the market ... What if Vasco da Gama lived in the 21st century?

Les douceurs du marché... Et si Vasco de Gama vivait au 21e siècle?

The Atawer Market is a top destination for anyone looking for fresh produce in summer and winter. It is also the crossroads where producers, merchants and consumers come together; a meeting place, a destination, and a symbol of culinary Montreal both past and present. There are nine butcher shops, three cheese dairies, a fishmonger, dozens of market gardeners, and multiple shops. NOT We are fortunate enough to live and work near this location, and have been loyal customers for several decades. This place is one of all the special occasions that we have celebrated over the years. So find our vinegars there ... and Aux Douceurs du Marché, we can only want to celebrate again ... and it will come!

Les Douceurs du Marché, this legendary shop located on the ground floor of the building, has the enviable reputation of being one of the most beautiful grocery stores in Montreal.

As soon as you walk in, you are mesmerized by the variety of colors, textures, and reflections. It is the temple of 'merchandizing'! Such a large quantity of different products in one place, densely populated stalls or products from all corners of the planet ... Each surface becomes a small universe that tells a story ... It's a dream for any foodie!

Les Douceurs du Marché has the largest collection of olive oils in North America; hundreds of vinegars and bitters; exotic, unique products, a temple of flavors.

Tina generously gave us a chance, better yet, a space of choice on the 'eye level' tablet near the checkout ... In real estate ... there is no more 'prime' than that!

'A new product takes a while to become known ... You have to be patient!'

Everything is fine. The first order went quickly in a few weeks and the second has just been delivered.

So we can only say A BIG THANK YOU to a person we admire ... A kind of Vasco de Gama of the modern era which opens up multiple routes of flavors in the mazes of his magnificent shop. We invite you to follow the Facebook page of the Douceurs du Marché .

Thanks Tina!


Maxime and Richard

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