Richard's 50th birthday on the farm

Les 50 ans de Richard à la ferme

Magic on the farm!

The farm comes with a lot of day-to-day challenges that can be overwhelming and taxing; time management, capricious weather, voracious predators, emergency repairs, and an inordinate workload for the time available to us ... So yes, despite the poetry of the place and the beauty of the landscapes ... we sometimes run out of steam. For the 50 years of my love, I had this idea a crazy egg ...

Take off from his field... why not?

I have the unfortunate tendency (or the candid naivety) to simplify the complexity of my projects at the ideation stage ... But more often than not, it makes our life more sparkling despite the nasty words it causes to those around us! So in this case, the headaches are taken care of by Martin Unsworth's team. Martin is a pilot and owner of Montreal Mongolfière . A passionate, adventurer and proud of his company; he manages all the details of a quarter-turn balloon flight.

In fact, it seems simple... we inflate a balloon then we take off... It was my idea on the phone.

Whether we are talking about weather, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, security and in the Covid period, curfew ... In short, so many details that can change the situation.

Martin and I chose a tentative date that was postponed for a week due to the weather. Then the magical morning finally arrived! His team was in place at 6 a.m. in the field. At this time of year, the fields are wet so you have to bring the equipment by hand. So with a team of 4 people, the setup was completed in about a few minutes.

Nathalie Rivard , a friend and coworker at the farm had offered to come and photograph the takeoff while my brother Bernard was piloting the drone ... What beautiful images ... thank you both!

The wind was favourable... and 'up' we flew towards Granby!

Take-off is one thing ... flying is another ... hearing the cars honking as we pass, people coming out and greeting us, admiring from above the horses, cows, and deer wandering around. quiet ... because yes ... a balloon is silent !

90 minutes of pure magic above our beautiful region!

The landing is quite epic ... because you need a field ... and as Martin says so well:

a ball has no flywheel or brake!

We landed gently in the fields of the Perron farm in Granby. Benjamin came to meet us to offer his help.

We had a cup together, we fraternized, and Martin's team took care of picking up all the equipment and driving us home.

The local newspaper Tempo Lac Brome , with which Nathalie collaborates, published the photos during the day ... and it seems to have inspired a lot of people! We can only encourage you to take this flight with Montrealmongolfière because for us, this is only the beginning for sure!

See the video on:

Thanks to Martin and his great team! and to Nathalie and Bernard for immortalizing this magical moment!

M+R ❤

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