The Farm

A Way of Life

Humminghill Farm is a place for developing a sustainable art of living based on respect for resources, permaculture, LEED construction methods, and agricultural production governed by agroecology and its transformation.

But even more, it is the celebration of 'slow living'... The farm anchors us in the present moment, reconnects us with nature, and transports us to a reality completely different from our daily lives, allowing us to live with the rhythm of the seasons.

The Ecosystem

A farm is an ecosystem that must be balanced by complementary productions. Flowers need pollinators, therefore beehives, hens generate excellent manure in addition to feeding on garden scraps and giving us fresh eggs, the forest provides us with firewood, construction wood and maple sap. The vegetable garden feeds us and produces seeds for years to come… In short, all this keeps us busy and feeds our souls as much as our bodies!

Flower Bouquets

We grow dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, and sweet peas on the farm, which we use to make bouquets sold as a subscription and distributed locally. Our flowers are grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. They offer a rich and fertile contribution to our bees and other pollinators as well as happiness for our customers!

Subscriptions of 10 weekly bouquets (delivered on Fridays at 5 p.m. at the Virgin Hill Coffee roastery on Lakeside Road) are available in limited quantities during the summer. For more information, contact us!


We make four varieties of flavoured vinegars on the farm. This artisanal production is our way of sharing the happiness we experience on the farm and encapsulating its essence. The cultivation of the ingredients of our vinegars also allows us to gradually rehabilitate the fields that were left abandoned over the last decades.

The selling of our vinegars through a specialised distribution network has given us the privilege to forge connections with a multitude of enthusiasts who have become our ambassadors… and our friends!

Maple Products

After two years of forest management work in our 8-acre sugar bush, we are happy to start producing maple syrup in our newly built sugar shack. With a contingent of 1,463 taps from the Fédération des Producteurs et Productrices du Québec, we hope to develop our maple grove with organic certification and distribute our products through our network of points of sale and on our online store as of March 2023.

Our Community

We have been a member of the Bolton West Collective since 2016. The Bolton West Collective is an association of owners, producers and consumers —bringing together 36 member properties on an area of nearly 1750 ha (4000 acres)— which aims to promote agricultural and forest use of the territory. The Collective supports the development of a sustainable and resilient ecosystem through local productions.

It is with the help of the Collective and by benefiting from the contribution of its many consultants that we were able to set up this project without making too many mistakes!

What's Next?

Whether it is the development of the maple grove and the construction of our sugar shack, the continuation of the rehabilitation of our fields, the restoration of Mrs. Benson's English gardens, the development of the forest, or the reconstruction of the main house: there is no shortage of projects at Humminghill Farm. They are the canvas of a life, of our life…

Thank you for your interest and your support in this adventure!

Maxime & Richard

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