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Stainless steel spreader knife

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A knife with an authentic look hand forged in stainless steel. Unique, it will give a touch of originality to your meals. Use this knife to spread a good cheese or rillettes on your bread. Also ideal for icing cakes and pastries. 

All Strobus products are born from the fire, hammer, and anvil in their forge. 

Made in Canada.


Handle made of forged 304 stainless steel and copper. 

Paddle made of cold forged 304 stainless steel with stonewash finish.


Width of the pallet : 3 cm.

Length of the pallet : 10 cm.

Overall length : 22 cm.

Weight : 112 g. 


Hand wash ideally, clean copper with copper cleaner as needed or preferred. The copper naturally tarnishes with use but easily regains its original color when cleaned.