Chez Cheval ... at the crossroads

Chez Cheval... à la croisée des chemins

We are often asked why we embarked on the adventure of flavored vinegars?

Beyond restoring life to the land we occupy, we try to give it a mission of its own: TO PRODUCE and INSPIRE. One of the great benefits of this project is to allow us to meet inspiring people who live in a universe parallel to ours and who, without this somewhat crazy project, would probably never have crossed our path ... When I found myself in front of Patricia Paquin, at her Chez Cheval café in St-Hilaire, that's what I understood!

How could I have thought that I would one day collaborate with Geneviève in Chambres en Ville or Louis-François, the author of the first cookbook that Richard and I bought together!

So yes, the farm is a connector, a way of changing our trajectories and causing collisions ... And very beautiful ones like this one!

Louis-François Marcotte and Patricia Paquin opened the Chez Cheval café in Mont-St-Hilaire, an address that is already very successful. As soon as you enter it, you know that it is the heart that speaks. Within the establishment's staff, a special place is dedicated to young people who have an autism spectrum disorder.

When Louis-Francois and Patricia offered to help us make our vinegars known, it was a beautiful gift of life for us, a sign that we were not completely in the field with our project! In a few days, the collaboration was established and our cases of vinegars arrived at Chez Cheval.

Last weekend, we immersed ourselves in the book LA BOUCHERIE:à chaque viande sa cuisson, Louis-François's latest cookbook.

It pays homage to meat through some 100 recipes. For each cut, a method of preparation and cooking. As a good butcher would, all the pieces of meat are brought to light. For ecological reasons as well as economic reasons, it is important not to leave anything behind.

We chose on the meatloaf recipe ...

A return to childhood on this beautiful spring Saturday.

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Even better, buy a Ham and butter for the road!

To both of you, just thank you for crossing our path!


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