Lutin de Forêt


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Our forest elves have a very important task: to protect our forests. If you are lucky enough to adopt one, you must give it delicate and loving care so that it can accomplish its duty as a protector and preserve the balance of our beautiful environment. Did you know that sprites are also protectors of the house and friends who welcome them? Yes, these little elves are magical companions and they are always ready to play, protect and accompany the best moments of the day. Each sprite are sold with a box (produced from recycled, recyclable or compostable materials), a blanket and its birth story.

Made in Mont-Saint-Hilaire


Responsible cotton (pesticides free). No chemicals used in the application of color. Its interior is hypoallergenic and made of recycled polyester. Therefore, it is easily washable. Our stuffed animals are hypoallergenic, natural and healthy.


Height: 15 cm
Weight: g


Our elves are made with quality cotton. They can be washed in the washing machine. Our elves do not like to go in the dryer. You can put some essential oil on the belly of the sprite. It can then be easily washed to change the aroma.